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Art n Found represents the collections of the following artists. All jewelry is handcrafted and one of a kind making each piece special and unique.

(Shown above are an array of Barbara Bagner's granulated 22K gold and platinum earrings.)

Barbara Bagner Earrings and Necklace

Barbara Bagner

Trained in the ancient classical tradition, Barbara is a graduate of the Kulicke-Jewelry Arts Institute and the C. Bauer Studio in NYC.

Raw and refined gemstones with precious metals of 22K gold platinum and fine sterling reflect Barbara's influences from Byzantine, Incan, Greek and

ancient civilizations. Barbara's collection consists of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even hairpins. All spectacular!

(Shown are Barbara's new gold with diamond flora earrings and double sided gold and diamond necklace. Earrings $3400/Necklace $2400. Special design work is welcome.)

Megan Thorne 18K Diamond Ring

Megan Thorne

New Artist!!!



(18K 'Dewdrop' Hoop Earrings-Price depends on stones chosen $)

Sarah Graham Metalsmithing

Sarah Graham




Shown is Sarah's Jacaranda Necklace-Steel, 18K Gold and Multicolored Diamonds

Mary Anne Richman Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

Mary Ann Richman

Originally trained as a graphic designer in her homeland of South Africa, Mary Anne not only maintains a successful jewelry studio, but

has her own theatre production company as well. Her many influences and interests are clearly reflected in her work revealing drama, elegance and a meticulous eye

for beautiful stones. Her pieces consist of unusual and rare pearls, fine gemstones and 18K gold.

(Necklace made of Taupe Freshwater Pearls, Green Quartz, Brandy Citrine, Topaz Tube and 22K Gold. $460)

Carla Caruso-Bubbles n Baubles

Carla Caruso-Bubbles n Baubles

Carla Caruso, a former glass blower for the Josh Simpson studio, has turned her creative expression towards sterling

silver and gold. Carla's 'Bubbles and Baubles' have expressed a fun, yet sophisticated line of jewelry.

Carla has many other styles and designs to choose from. All of her designs wear beautifully.

(Sterling Silver Clusters Bracelet-$150)

Sydney Lynch Necklace

Sydney Lynch

New Artist!!!



(Necklace made of 18K Gold, Oxidized Sterling, Onyx, and White Diamonds. $960)

Susan Fleming Design

Susan Fleming Design

Susan Fleming offers innovative designs which marry handmade paper with fine sterling.

Her designs are fun, colorful, contemporary, and clean.

Susan offers bracelets, earrings, necklaces and the most fantastic belt buckles.

(3 Tier handmade Necklace)

Kathy Frey Necklace

Kathy Frey

New Artist!!!



(Oxidized Sterling Silver with Fresh Water Pearls-$)

Sonya Macintosh-SmARTworks

Sonya Macintosh-Smartworks Studio

By manipulating a traditional knitting loom and boiling her pieces to shrink, Sonya Macintosh provides a unique and ultra soft wearable work of art.

Merino wool and cotton blends make up her many designs and gorgeous colors. Her scarves are conversation pieces with their stripes, flowers and undulating edges.

(Shown is Sonya's Kelp style-Colors are Mahagony and Cassis-$150)

Elyn Blake Design

Elyn Blake Designs

Drusy's are the muse for Elyn Blake. Lots of sparkle mixed with vintage appeal.

Elyn has many different designs which almost always involve a drusy put together with semi-precious stones

which are set in gold or silver. Her designs are becoming a customer favorite!

(Drusy's set in sterling silver-Earrings-$145/Necklace-$140)

Mullanium Jewelry

Mullanium Jewelry



(Dragonfly Pin-$40)

Tammy Childs Designs

Tammy Childs Silk Accessories

UK artist Tammy Childs offers 100% silk handmade accessories.

Her scarves and purses are gorgeous and wearable works of art. Romantic, feminine, yet sculptural.

Many colors and styles available.

(Shown are Tammy's Wide Buttercup Wrap and Daisy Bag in her highly sought after RED. Wrap-$250 Bag-$160)

Kelly Colleen Sterling Silver Stretch Rings

Kelly Colleen




(Sterling Silver Stretch Rings $30-&45)

Cecelia Farrell Ruby Necklace

Cecelia Farrell Designs

Connecticut artist, Cecelia Farrell, has always believed in expressing herself creatively.

As a painter, sculptress, rare bead collector, and even antiques dealer, Cecelia is always developing her eye and her levels of artistry.

Her handbeaded jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones brings together texture, color, and sparkle evoking a balance of her personal character and elegance.

(Shown is Cecelia Farrel's Ruby Necklace w 18 K Clasp. $)

Bags of Cambodia

Bags of Cambodia

Fair trade 'sea grass' bags made by Cambodian artisans.

3 available sizes-all different colors-VERY sturdy with great inside pockets-even one for your cell phone.

Small-$35 Medium-$40 Large-$45

(Shown is the color Amber in medium-$30)

Ed Levin Studio

Ed Levin Studio

After practicing all forms of art from ceramics, painting and sculpture, Ed Levin found his niche in the art of jewelry making. Creating a small jewelry business over

50 years ago led to what is known today as the Ed Levin Studio. Their handcrafted jewelry is made using only the best materials and created with

age-old techniques that stand the test of time. All the pieces can be made from a variety of materials including sterling silver, 14k or 18K gold, and platinum.

(Sterling silver bracelet shown with 14K gold accents and cultured pearls. $200)

Amy Faust

Amy Faust




(Shown is a sterling silver bracelet with inset coke bottle sea glass-$230)


JAK Designs-Jen Armstrong


'OrganiJak'- Super-soft organic cotton & sustainable bamboo mix make up this environmentally-friendly scarf.

Features a ribbed texture and tri-color blending in a variety of colors.

(Scarf shown is approximately 64”L x 8” W- $88)

The Real Princess

Brooke Patterson


Storybook egg ornaments.

Magical scenes meticulously set inside real eggs.

(Shown is Brooke's famous Princess and the Pea ornament set inside a real goose egg. 'The Real Princess')

Special requests and design work are always welcome.

Keep checking back as our community of artists continues to grow. Please contact us for more details on any collection that you prefer.

Email: info@artnfound.com